What is it?

iKNiTO CS is a comprehensive conference and scientific fair and gathering management system. It covers all steps and activities in such events.  It addresses both scientific and operational aspects.
iKNiTO CS is an active complement to your team of event management. It constantly monitors events, deadlines, tasks and makes sure everything is run smoothly and on time. Most Scientific conferences finish by publishing their proceedings. iKNiTO CS helps you accomplish this.

Who is it for?

iKNiTO CS is used by universities, associations, and research centers, as well as an organization which is involved in running scientific gatherings.


Main Roles and Responsibilities

iKNiTO CS facilitates flow of information and tasks between various people involved in the running of a conference. It also makes sure that everything is performed on time. It has a number of roles which correspond with the role of people involved. Here are the main ones.

Author submits proposals to the conference, and participates in the review and editing process.
Provides peer-review of the submissions for the conference. They will recommend for or against inclusion of the submission to the conference.
Publishes abstracts and original of approved submissions in the conference website.
Close Roles and Responsibilities
If there is a competition/contest segment in the conference, the referee will be responsible for it. Alternatively they might referee submissions based on their scientific merits.
Exhibition Manager
Manages all tasks related to the running of the exhibition.
Close Roles and Responsibilities
News Manager
Manages all information related to the conference in its web site.
Conference Manager
Oversees the conference site on the installation, including all of the user accounts for that site. The CM configures the conference site and sets up any of the individual conference sites. CM manages sponsors of the conference as well as all co existing activities such as exhibitions.
Close Roles and Responsibilities