What is it?

iKNiTO REC is a powerful system which assists researchers and decision makers to use a large volume of knowledge and make informed and evidence based decisions. You might have a major database of research and conference articles, or have subscribed to one from a publisher, or prefer to use open access contents. iKNiTO REC mines the data, and builds the required complex structure which represents various information contained in the data in order to help answer various types of search.

Who is it for?

Researchers who require a better understanding of what is happening in their field and fields related to them. Authors who may need help in bringing their papers to a higher standard, and to get advice on where to publish. Decisions makers at all levels who need to see the bigger picture in their institutions, country, or world to compare and make better decisions. Owners of Big Data such as databases of Open Access journals and other Discovery search tools and National bodies in charge of research are invited to collaborate with us.

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing is at the heart of iKNiTO REC. Uses novel techniques for indexing and fast retrieval of the publications. Capable of working with different languages. Runs on machine learning algorithms (Deep Learning) to ensure over 90% accuracy for the recommendations.



Advanced Search

  • Explores and provides full text access to the literature in your digital library collection.
  • Supports multi languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Japanese, Chinese etc.
  • Read articles, book mark, and like them.

Build and Add to Your Profile

Each user is able to see a full list of articles that he/she likes, has bookmarked, has published, or even draft of unpublished articles.


This is the heart of the system. You can provide some information such as Title, Abstract, Keywords and receive valuable recommendations.

  • Author Recommender: Connect with other researchers in your research field. Find the best researchers in a specified field by entering a title, abstract, and/or keywords.
  • Keyword Recommender: Suggests the most probable keywords according to the title/abstract.  Retrieve relevant articles by recommended keywords.
  • Subject Recommender:  Identify the subjects of an article with keyword/title/abstract. Prepare the map of science in your academic institute.
  • Paper Recommender: Harvest the most related papers to your field of research by providing title, abstract, or keywords. Make reference review more accessible.

See more examples of recommendations here…

Customized Report

Generate reports based on your requirement. We currently support the following reports:

  • Top Fields by Country
  • Top Organizations by Field
  • Publications by Field
  • Publications by Author
  • Publications by Organization
  • Top Countries by Field
  • Publications by Country

See more examples of reports here…

Graph of Science

iKNiTO REC  can show 2D and 3D graphical views of activities of an author. The graph is fully interactive and can be viewed from different angles and by various filters. Thus, giving a 360 degree view of a researcher’s activities and in a wider context.