Knowledge Management




A Complete Solution

We have all the components of a Knowledge Management Suite to help you build and manage your Integrated knowledge infrastructure. Digital Library, Journal and Book publishing, Event Management and Publishing, Digital Repository and many more. In addition to our high level products, we use Micro-services  architecture and have developed lots of important modules which we can integrate to a solution.

Global Exposure

Publish your journals, books, proceedings or store your valuable documents in your digital repository and have them exposed internationally. We use OAI-PMH and make sure all your content is seen by search engines. Use Cross Cross Ref© DOI to better establish your presence in the world of knowledge

AI and Deep Learning

Our Academic Recommender uses AI and Deep learning to analyze huge research content and learn about its elements and their interrelationship. Use the Recommender to add your data and receive research recommendations such as which field to do research in, who to work with, which keywords to use for an article, where to publish your article and much more. See reports on how authors, institutions, or  countries are performing.

Digital Library


We have built an advanced digital library for you. iKNiTO DL runs on all sorts of devices and platforms.Whether you are at a university, research center, or any institute which deals with electronic content, this is for you.

It has three components.

1) a very large and up to date knowledge base which has all sorts of information about journals, books, audio-video assets, course wares, data sets, and in short any content that an academic institute might have.

2) It integrates with your university’s web scale discovery system to let you search better and deeper.

3) It incorporates single sign on to  let you sign in once and access all your library’s resources.


Digital Repository


We are DuraSpace’s Listed Service Provider. iKNiTO Space is powered by Dspace. It is integrated with all our products and lets you store and access your content with ease of mind.

iKNiTO Space is ideal for academic and research institutes, national archives, museums, Government organizations, and corporations who own large volume of data and would like to ensure their preservation for generations to come.

Over 40% of repositories in the world are based on Dspace.


Journal Management System


Become publisher of your journals. Major universities have long been doing this. Now, it is easy for any academic or research institute to publish their own titles.

iKNiTO JS is a complete solution for your journal publishing. it defines roles and responsibilities similar to the real people who are involved in such publishers.

It acts as a well organized and persistent administrator and makes sure your peer reviewed journal is published on time.


Conference Management System


iKNiTO CS is an academic conference and gathering management system.

It covers all expected tasks from such a system, from announcing a conference, call for papers, selection, invitations, exhibition, student contests, and accommodations.

Many academic institutes run multiple events during each year. This is for you.


Journal Evaluation System


We have built iKNiTO JVAL for major regional or national bodies who are responsible for evaluation of journals published by universities and research centers under their umbrella.

A Ministry of Higher Education or a Research Foundation which promotes publication of research journals by its members, will use this product in order to evaluate its publishing activities.


Recommendation System


This is a state of the art product which uses a large volume of data about published works, Artificial Intelligence, and latest computer software technologies in order to create a recommendation system.

Where do I publish my article? Who can I collaborate in my field, What are suitable keywords for my article, To which subjects is my article related, and many more questions are answers by iKNiTO REC.

In the past, answer to these questions seemed more readily available. A researcher was already familiar with his or her surrounding. Nowadays, researchers expect to receive recommendations based on what is happening in the world.


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